Tuesday, 9 May 2023 – CONFERENCE Jean-René Van der Plaetsen, on his books

Tuesday, May 9, 2.30 pm 1.45 pm
Mairie du XVIème
71 avenue Henri Martin, 75016 Paris

As part of the Mardis de la Mémoire organised by the Mairie du XVIème, you will find attached the invitation to the conference given by Jean-René Van der Plaetsen, Deputy Editorial Director of Figaro magazine and former peacekeeper in Lebanon, about his books: “La Nostalgie de l’honneur” and “Le Métier de mourir.

La Nostalgie de l’honneur, 2017, Prix Interallié
“It’s a fact: our era no longer has a sense of honor. And that is why, having lost the taste for audacity and panache, it is sometimes so dull. While cynicism and skepticism progress every day in people’s minds, it seemed necessary to me to recall the great figures of a few men that I had the chance to know and to be close to.”

Through the portrait of his grandfather, a hero who refused to surrender in 1940, Jean-René Van der Plaetsen tells us about the essence of courage.

Le Métier de mourir, 2020, Prix Renaudot des lycéens
Inspired by a real-life character, Le Métier de mourir is a beautiful and great metaphysical novel, where stories of men and love intertwine around an extraordinary individual, in landscapes of the beginning of the world, to the rhythm of whistling bullets and the Holy Scriptures.

A moving story of friendship and transmission between a Polish-born adventurer and a young Frenchman enlisted in the South Lebanon Army, in search of the meaning of his life.

Free admission.
Conference in French.