CONFERENCE Companions of the Liberation Writers

Tuesday, January 30, 6.30 pm
Mairie du XVIe
71 avenue Henri Martin, 75016 Paris

Dear Daughters,

As part of the Mardis de la Mémoire organised by the Mairie du XVIème, you will find attached the invitation to the conference given by Alfred Gilder, General Secretary of the Écrivains combattants and François Broche, Historian, son of a Compagnon de la Libération, on their book Compagnons de la Libération écrivains.

More than 150 of the 1,038 Compagnons de la Libération have written accounts of their struggle in “la France Libre” or in the Resistance. Some are famous, such as André Malraux, Romain Gary and Pierre Clostermann, but most are not.

While historians establish the facts and study their congruence, literary transposition is the only way of restoring the true essence of what was. This book is an opportunity to discover these heroes through their works. Seventy-nine qualified authors, both civilian and military, present them and paint an eloquent portrait of these Compagnons écrivains.

Invitation enclosed.
Free admission.
Conference in French.

Warm regards,