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France State Society - History

The ties of friendship between the NSDAR and France can be traced to the beginning of the twentieth century, more than one hundred years ago:

On the occasion of the Paris Exposition Universelle, in 1900, the President General of the NSDAR is invited to participate in the inaugural ceremony of two equistrian statues of Washington and La Fayette; the NSDAR contributed to the conception and financing of these two monumental projects which symbolize the ties of friendship between France and the United States.

During World War I (1914-1918), many members of the NSDAR actively defended French-American friendship and mobilized war relief efforts to reconstruct France and care for its war orphans.  The monumental fountain in the town of Tilloloy, in the Somme, commemorates the reconstruction work undertaken to restore the municipal water system, thanks to funds raised by the NSDAR in the United States, as early as 1915.

In liaison avec the NSDAR, State France is set up in 1926, following the creation, in 1923, of the Benjamin Franklin Chapter by a group of American DAR members residing in Paris.  A second chapter is set up in 1934, the Rochambeau Chapter.

During WWII (1939-1945), a number of DAR members in France relocate to New York City where they organize war reilief aid for orphans in France and operate a cafeteria for members of the French Navy in New York.  After the war, only the Rochambeau Chapter pursues its activities in France.


The France State Society was founded in 1926.

  • State Regents of France :
    2016-         : Lucy Williams Morin (Madame)
    2013-2016 : Dominique Favreul (Madame Hubert Favreul)
    2010-2013 : Stephanie Simonard (Madame Baudouin Simonard)
    2007-2010 : Nicole Merveilleux du Vignaux (Madame Philippe Merveilleux du Vignaux)
    2004-2007 : Christine Malphettes (Madame)
    2003-2004 : Stephanie Simonard (Madame Baudouin Simonard)
    2001-2003 : Ghislaine Pusy La Fayette (Comtesse de Pusy La Fayette)
    1998-2001 : Stephanie Simonard (Madame Baudouin Simonard)
    1995-1998 : Cecil Pose (Madame Pierre Pose)
    1992-1995 : Jacqueline Szewczyk (Madame Thadée Szewczyk)
    1989-1992 : Hélène Celier (Comtesse Bernard Celier)
    1987-1989 : Nicole Merveilleux du Vignaux (Madame Philippe Merveilleux du Vignaux)
    1985-1987 : Odette de Moulins de Rochefort (Comtesse Louis de Moulins de Rochefort)
    1983-1985 : Adelaide de Montlaur (Comtesse de Montlaur)
    1981-1983 : Ghislaine de Pusy La Fayette (Comtesse de Pusy La Fayette)
    1979-1981 : Jacqueline Maitrot (Madame Alain Maitrot)
    1977-1979 : Chantal Dubois (Madame André Dubois)
    1975-1977 : Elizabeth Brugnon (Madame Stanislas Brugnon)
    1971-1975 : Beatrice C. Coudekerque-Lambrecht (Madame André de Coudekerque-Lambrecht)
    1969-1971 : Marcellac Malartic (Madame Henri Mézan de Malartic)
    1967-1969 : Hildegarde Trocmé (Madame François Trocmé)
    1965-1967 : Geneviève Sanua-Seymour (Mademoiselle)
    1963-1965 : Nelly de Charnacé (Madame Lucien de Charnacé)
    1960-1963 : Mary Koutouzow Tolstory (Comtesse Koutouzov Tolstoy)
    1958-1960 : Edith Sanua-Seymour (Madame Helmi Sanua-Seymour)
    1956-1958 : Jean Mac Jannet Foster (Mrs. Emory Foster)
    1953-1956 : Eleanor M. Row (Mrs. Harlan P. Rowe)
    1951-1953 : Pemela B. Aldersn (Mrs. Barton Alderson)
    1950-1951 : Alice Fitzgibbon (Mrs. Stephen Fitzgibbon)
    1947-1950 : Tryphosa D. Bates-Batcheller (Mrs.)
    1946-1947 : Mary Day Watrous (Mrs. Eliot Watrous)
    1943-1946 : Isabel Blake Perrin (Mrs. Charles C. Perrin)
    1942-1943 : Tryphosa D. Bates-Batcheller (Mrs.)
    1941-1942 : Isabel Blake Perrin (Mrs. Charles C. Perrin)
    1939-1941 : Eleanor M. Rowe (Mrs. Harlan P. Rowe)
    1937-1939 : Ada Howard Johnson (Miss)
    1935-1937 : Alene Hale Shearer (Mrs. Frederic Shearer)
    1933-1935 : Josephine U.M. de Chilly (Comtesse de Chilly)
    1931-1933 : Louise P.S. Connett (Mrs. Albert N. Connett, Jr.)
    1929-1931 : Maude S.W. Conner (Mrs. Benjamin H. Conner)
    1926-1929 : Tobert W. Hanger (Mrs. Henry Hoover-Hanger)

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